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Interest Rates on the Rise! Historically Low Still!

Even though interest rates have been reported to be on the rise the last few weeks. They are still incredibly good. The rates are  currently very decent!  Your rate depends on your loan, down payment and credit score. The 4% rate which rates have been fluctuating around, is worth taking advantage of if you are thinking of buying a home.

Being in real estate as long as I have been  I have seen interest rates get as high as 17% for FHA and VA loans. Of course very few people used banks back then to buy homes! Seller financing was prevalent. That turned out to be not such a good thing too!

People that track housing and interest rates know that rates have trends just as housing needs have trends.  They both have peaks and valleys.  They go in cycles up and down.

Teresa Larson Village Real Estate, Murray UT
20+ years real estate experience