Many of us are working from home. You can connect with your real estate agent virtually. In many cases you can have online conferences and showings. Virtual real estate is not new. You have been looking at houses online for along time!

Most of your real estate transaction can be done almost all virtually if you need to do it that way. It would be better to actually see what you are buying if you can go out. You can still go out and see properties with special precautions like wearing a mask. Ask your agent if they have masks, gloves and sanitizers for you. It is really the agents job to open doors and cabinets for you to see inside. You should not have to touch anything.

Agents showing property during the Corona Virus pandemic should wear masks, have masks, sanitizers and gloves handy for their clients and customers during all of their real estate activities. Agents should wipe off the things they touch like door handles after they touch them. It is that simple. Of course no one should go out to see property if they are not feeling well.

by Teresa Larson,  Village Real Estate, Servicing the Salt Lake City area
30+ years  real estate experience
(801) 750-5446
April 17, 2020