Beautiful Home Not So Beautiful Pictures

Why would someone say Beautiful property and then post a picture of a green/algae filled pool? I read this comment on Twitter and laughed! Why? Because this was a question that reminded me of many homes I have shown in my years of selling real estate. All too often in the past the home is shown in the listing remarks as a beautiful home with no remarks indicating the real condition of the home. With today’s technology we can let buyers see much more about the home.

Green Algae Pool crpped

The truth is that we as listing agents have the need to get buyers to come see the home. Sometimes the sellers are not seeing their home as others do. Sellers may be dictating what the agent is putting out across the internet and other advertising. The sellers are the boss! They have hired the agent, right! As agents it is our duty to the seller to be honest and this also includes telling a seller like it is. We can be gentle but firm leading them in the direction they need to go to sell their property.

Real estate agents need to be able to give the sellers advice and suggestions about what they can do to improve their chances of selling. If a seller cannot do anything about correcting problems with conditions in the home and on the property in general. Then the property will need to be marketed at a lesser value than homes in superior condition. There will be buyers that are looking for fix up properties.

In today’s real estate market most agents do market their properties and try to portray the actual condition of the property. We just have to keep the seller happy and educated about how to accurately market a property.

In answer to the question why would someone say Beautiful property and then post a picture of a green/algae filled pool? Most likely the home was beautiful in the front yard and inside but the back yard did need some help! Posting the picture is completely in line with accurately portraying the property!

by Teresa Larson, Village Real Estate, Murray, Utah
20+ years  real estate experience
(801) 750-5446