Begin Again

In a favorite handbook of mine the words appear: “I pay attention to my inner callings and apply my own uniqueness to everything I undertake.”(Dyer, 2008) This applies to all aspects of my life both my private and business affairs. Every day is a new day and our attitude that we embrace the day with is important.

??????????????????????????????????????In my profession you have to begin again. Real estate agents are independent contractors. Their own boss, in essence finding and creating their workflow. We have to monitor our time have a plan for how our job is going to work out. We have a daily business plan in place that helps us keep on track. Our work comes from people.  We may know these people but most often we don’t know them. We are always looking for people to help with their real estate needs.

We run out of work every time we sell a house and it closes. No one likes being unemployed! We have to go back to square one and begin again looking for new clients. We call this prospecting!  The amount of prospecting and follow up we do is directly affects the income we generate for ourselves! As agents we begin prospecting for buyers and sellers when we first enter the real estate business. Buyers and sellers both need their own agents to help them with their home sale and we start looking for them diligently!

Another quote from my favorite handbook: “Bad fortune has good fortune hiding within it, and good fortune is what good fortune hides in. ” (Dyer, 2008)

Even after many years in real estate it is the kind if profession that every day is a new day. Things change all the time, people, paperwork, methods of prospecting, the financial environment we conduct our business. Good real estate agents have to stay fresh, be flexible and yes always begin again.

by Teresa Larson,  Village Real Estate, Murray, Utah 20+ years  real estate experience (801) 750-5446 Sources: Dyer, D. W. (2008).

Sources: Dyer, D. W. (2008). Living The Wisdom of the Tao. Hay House. Inc.

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