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Selling in the Spring or Summer Get Interior Ready In the Winter!

When it is too cold to do much else this can be an excellent time to do inside fix up on your home. If you are thinking of selling come spring or summer here are some easy inside projects.   Doing them will make it easier for you. It won’t be so overwhelming when your real estate agent shows up with a list of possible recommendations for you to do in order to get a better price for your home.  Here are some quick ideas.

Basic Getting Ready to Sell Winter Projects

1. Clean walls,  doors and casings.
2. Fresh paint throughout
3. Clean out old dirty  grout from bathrooms and kitchen, add new.
4. Clean your inside widow sills, and your blinds or curtains.
5. Wash inside windows.
6. Clean out your closets and get rid of excess stuff you don’t use or need it will make moving easier!

Even if you are not selling these are projects that will make you feel better about your home environment! Keeping your home fresh and clean makes the everyday clutter look less alarming! It also feels like you are more organized. If friends drop by you look so together!

Just doing the above things will really help if do decide to sell your home.  You can do more if finances allow.  for more ideas click on the link.
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